ECP/ECPF Lap Splicer

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In 1983 Martin introduced the EC Plus zero-speed splicer; a simple, reliable and economical answer to roll splicing. Building on this success, Martin offered the Model EC Plus with additional operator-convenience features.

Designed to run a wide array of materials on most applications, Martin EC Plus zero-speed, automatic splicers are an economical alternative to manual splicers and many competitive splicers.

Uncomplicated, pneumatic logic is the foundation of Martin's splicer design. Addition of any optional feature will not compromise this simplicity. Pneumatic controls make the EC Plus suitable for use in controlled environments, such as those found in the flexographic and gravure industries. Minimum components ensure functional reliability, while its operational simplicity results in fewer errors; eliminating a major cause of missed splices on more complex machines.

As in all Martin automatic splicers, Inertia-Compensation is incorporated into its storage festoon system to maintain essentially constant tension in the web as it leaves the splicer.

Like its forerunner the EC, the Martin EC Plus is designed to complete its function in the simplest manner possible. Additional operator convenience features and enhanced design/construction make the EC Plus a popular alternative to the EC.

The EC Plus incorporates direct roll-loading of both roll positions. With over 21 standard models, the EC Plus can accomodate speeds up to 2200 fpm and a large range of roll weights, diameters, and web widths.

Martin EC and EC Plus zero-speed lap splicers are utilized in processes running papers, films, nonwovens, tag, and light board stocks.

Both EC and EC Plus splicers incorporate many of the same popular design characteristics. Choosing between the two models will depend on necessary roll weights, running speeds and your desire for additional operator-convenience features. Please consult Martin Automatic Inc for your specific needs. No matter which splicer you choose, rugged dependability will offer years of reliable operation.

Specifications: **

Maximum Splicing Speed to 2000 FPM to 610 MPM
Maximum Web Width to 47 IN to 1194 MM
Maximum Roll Diameter to 52 IN to 1321 MM

** Specifications for the Martin ECP/ECPF Lap Splicer are meant as a general guideline. The Martin ECP/ECPF Lap Splicer can be application-engineered to fit each process. Contact Martin Automatic for your specific needs.


As with all Martin products, the Martin ECP/ECPF Lap Splicer can be application-engineered to fit each process. Contact Martin Automatic for your specific needs.